For the storage of hazardous substancesBetter safe than sorry. With CEMO.

Certified shelving systems, environmental cabinets and drip trays for your business.


Our family business has been around longer than most regulations on the safe handling of hazardous substances. That’s why we know exactly what is important when it comes to storage, transportation and daily use.

We manufacture all our quality products from high-quality and tested materials, which have proven themselves over decades. Learn more about hazardous material storage in detail.  Opt for safe products from CEMO 

What can we support you with?

Man holding a battery system fire protection box from CEMO.

Safely transport lithium batteries with the battery system fire protection box

Whether you are in a trade business, construction company or local facility, ensure the proper handling of lithium batteries and prevent serious accidents or fires.

The battery fire protection box from CEMO has been specially developed for high-risk everyday work involving hazardous materials. It is lined with non-flammable materials and has UN approval for the safe transportation of lithium batteries in packaging group II.

Separate the storage and charging of lithium batteries

Transfer-Trolley for chemicals

Transporting chemicals safely with the Chem transfer trolley

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Spill pallets from CEMO

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Safety and environmental cabinets from CEMO

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Versatile and safe shelving systems from CEMO

Surface protection systems: What to watch out for when making a purchase

Important rules and regulations

Fire, flames, great heat: These risks are inherent in lithium batteries

From the drip tray made of steel to the battery safety cabinet for lithium batteries, in our online shop you will find safety cabinets, shelf systems and accessories to support you in all your transportation and storage tasks .


Do you have individual questions or would you like competent advice? We are happy to be there for you in person . With CEMO, you can count on quality and service that is always oriented towards your needs - no matter how sensitive the goods to be transported are.

DT-Mobil COMBI - Refuel always and everywhere

Make yourself independent with a mobile COMBI filling station for diesel and AdBlue®.

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Safe storage of hazardous substances with products from CEMO

The protection of people and nature is a top priority for CEMO. This is why the safe storage of hazardous substances, such as fuels and lubricants, lies at the heart of everything we do. CEMO develops products for the storage of hazardous substances that meet all the legal requirements and combine safety with practical use and excellent manageability.

As a pioneer in the field of hazardous materials storage, you can expect modern storage container technology, the highest quality and excellent service from us. We understand the requirements that apply to the materials you need to store and can supply you with a product that is tailor-made to your needs.


Legal requirements for the storage of hazardous substances


Highly flammable, toxic, corrosive, explosive and harmful substances are considered hazardous substances and are subject to special legal requirements. Since such substances are used in numerous industrial plants, the safe storage of hazardous substances is a relevant topic across all sectors.

Laws, standards and accident prevention regulations are there to ensure the proper handling of hazardous substances. Depending on the substance, quantity and hazard assessment, different safety measures need to be taken. The separate storage of flammable materials and the use of storage techniques that comply with legal regulations and design approvals are always part of the requirements. CEMO has been active in the field of hazardous material storage for decades and is therefore a proven expert in the production of safe and legally-compliant storage techniques.


The wide range of CEMO products for the safe storage of hazardous substances


We can provide you with an extensive range of diverse products for the safe storage of hazardous substances that meet all the legal requirements. From drip trays, barrel racks and tanks to cabinets and containers, CEMO can supply you with the right solution for every need. We have the appropriate storage technology for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our products made of GRP, PE and steel meet all the safety requirements and thus enable you to store hazardous substances in accordance with regulations and in a space-saving manner. We also supply accessories and extension units to match our storage technology.

Our team will advise you in all questions concerning the storage of hazardous substances and offer you a comprehensive service. Trust in the experience and know-how of CEMO when it comes to the storage of hazardous substances.