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Filling stations, irrigation systems and accessories for agriculture.


Greater profit, fewer work steps or saved resources? Whatever your  agricultural goals are, we have the solutions you need. Benefit from high quality and a wide range of additional functions. It is not for nothing that farmers and winegrowers, from both near and far, place their trust in us.

We can provide stationary and mobile filling stations for all types of fuel and exactly according to your needs. Irrigation systems from CEMO keep the world green and blooming all year round. And the matching accessories have been specially developed for the agricultural industry.

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Diesel filling stations from CEMO

Our product range includes stationary and mobile tank systems for diesel vehicles that have been developed exactly for your needs. Tank systems usually consist of several components which you can combine individually. Regardless of which equipment and accessories you choose, with CEMO you will always benefit from the highest quality, the best possible service and60 years of experience.

AdBlue® filling stations from CEMO

Drip trays from CEMO provide for the increased

Boot cleaner from CEMO

High quality GRP irrigation systems

Baffles for barrels have what it takes.

Mobile space miracle: irrigation where access is limited

From the mobile AdBlue® filling station to the opaque barrel, in our online shop you will find filling stations, irrigation systems and accessories to support you in all agricultural work, both indoors and outdoors .

Do you have individual questions or would you like competent advice? We are happy to be there for you in person. With CEMO, you can count on quality and service that is always geared towards your needs.

DT-Mobil COMBI - Refuel always and everywhere

Make yourself independent with a mobile COMBI filling station for diesel and AdBlue®.

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