Winter road maintenance serviceRobust equipment for any weather.

Powerful winter equipment and accessories for the agricultural sector.


Whether for the farm, field or access roads, with CEMO grit containers, gritting trucks and snow shovels you are optimally equipped for working in the agricultural sector through the winter months. Combine our modular aids depending on the location and requirements – all specially designed for the cold season.



CEMO can provide you with robust solutions to meet your requirements and make your work easier. With practical accessories and lots of extra functions, even the coldest winter day of the year will be more pleasant from now on.



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Gritting material containers: The classic from CEMO

For years now, the gritting material containers from CEMO have been adorned our urban and country landscapes. They are frequently used on slopes, large squares and long flights of steps. There, they protect the grit from the weather and dampness - and they do so all year round. If required, the gritting material for winter road clearance can be removed. Citizens can also use gravel and sand from public grit containers to protect pavements and roads from snow, black ice and the risk of accidents. With CEMO's grit containers, winter can throw everything it has at us.

Gritter for roads, paths and squares

[Translate to English:] CEMO GFK Schneeschaufel und Streugutbehälter

Snow shovels and snowploughs

[Translate to English:] Steugutbehälter, Streuwagen, GFK-Schaufel

Snow shovel, gritting material container and gritter

From the corrosion-resistant shovel to the gritter for extensive terrain, in our online shop you will find tools, aids and accessories to support you in all your dealings with ice and snow.



Do you have individual questions or would you like competent advice? We will be happy to be there for you personally. With CEMO, you can rely on a level quality and service that is always oriented towards your needs – no matter how deep the snow.

Separate the storage and charging of lithium batteries

Perfect protection with safe storage and transportation systems from CEMO.

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DT-Mobil COMBI - Refuel always and everywhere

Make yourself independent with a mobile COMBI filling station for diesel and AdBlue®.

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