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Storage of hazardous substancesSafe storage. It has to be CEMO.

Certified charging cabinets and sump trays for the construction industry


A range of chemicals, accumulators and batteries are used every day during construction and renovation activities. It's great to have someone at your side who has been familiar with the safe handling of hazardous substances for decades and is able to give you the very best of advice.


CEMO can provide you with a range of high-quality battery cabinets and collection containers that all meet the latest specifications. Learn more about hazardous material storage in the construction industry and safe solutions for your construction activities.


What exactly do you need?

Separate the storage and charging of lithium batteries

Lithium batteries have become an integral part of our everyday lives. They are concealed inside a wide variety of electrical devices, from smartphones to e-bikes to cordless screwdrivers. When handling these innovative batteries, you should always remember that lithium batteries are hazardous goods. Especially during the charging process, in extreme instances they can explode and cause fires. Let us show you why it is important to use suitable charging cabinets and why you should never charge lithium batteries in the storage area of other batteries or flammable materials/devices.

Drip trays from CEMO provide for the increased

Fire, flames, great heat: These risks are inherent in lithium batteries

Important rules and regulations

Hazardous substances in the company: 5 tips for safe storage

From the PE sump tray to the battery safety cabinet, in our online shop you will find a range of safety cabinets, shelf systems and accessories to support you in all your work with hazardous substances in the construction industry.


Do you have individual questions or would you like competent advice? We will be happy to be there for you personally. With CEMO, you can rely on a level of quality and service that is always oriented to your needs – no matter how complex the requirements are.

Separate the storage and charging of lithium batteries

Perfect protection with safe storage and transportation systems from CEMO.

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Make yourself independent with a mobile COMBI filling station for diesel and AdBlue®.

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