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In the 60s, winegrowers from the surrounding wine regions were among our first customers. We have been involved in the handling of hazardous substances in agriculture from the very outset. To this day, we are known as being both reliable pioneers and trailblazers.



We manufacture our quality products within our own family business from high-quality and tested materials that have proven themselves over decades. Learn more about hazardous material storage in agriculture. Benefit from greater safety with CEMO.



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Important rules and regulations

Storage regulations


Currently, there are no public regulations on the storage of lithium batteries. But shouldn’t be seen as a "free pass to do nothing". According to REACH, lithium batteries are simply products and, by definition therefore, not hazardous substances. However, there is general agreement that, within your business, lithium batteries need be treated and stored as a hazardous substance (see also VdS 3103).

The storage of lithium batteries is significantly influenced by their performance classification: low, medium and high performance (see general and specific safety rules). On the part of the insurers, there are written recommendations (leaflet VdS 3103) which are regarded as equivalent and equally binding.

Drip trays from CEMO provide for the increased

Fire, flames, great heat: These risks are inherent in lithium batteries

Hazardous substances in the company: 5 tips for safe storage

Safety and environmental cabinets from CEMO

Separate the storage and charging of lithium batteries

From small PE container tubs to environmental cabinets for chemicals, in our online shop you will find safety cabinets, shelving systems and accessories to support you in all your work with hazardous substances in the agricultural sector.



Do you have individual questions or would you like competent advice? We will be happy to be there for you personally. With CEMO, you can rely on a level of quality and service that is always geared towards your needs – no matter how many crop protection products you want to store.

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