Storage, conveying and dosing - with safety

Security is a basic human need that is felt daily in many areas. Wherever hazardous substances are used, they must also be transported and stored safely.


For CEMO, the protection of people and the environment is a priority. This means that all CEMO products meet the latest safety standards. CEMO's solutions aim to preserve the values entrusted to us for the world of tomorrow.


Decades of experience in the manufacture of storage and transportation containers as well as in all aspects of conveying and dosing enable us to offer you today an extensive product range for safe storage, conveying and dosing.


Do you have high standards? So do we!

Modern, innovative, sustainable!

We recognised early on what sustainability means:
 We have been improving resource-saving production for years and have now achieved savings of 350 tons of CO2 per year.

Furthermore, our GRP products are environmentally friendly as they have a life span of decades and can be repaired at any time without any issues. We provide a material guarantee of up to 35 years, which promises you lasting security. And if, one day you need to dispose of your product, the material can be recycled.

DT-Mobil COMBI - Refuel always and everywhere

Make yourself independent with a mobile COMBI filling station for diesel and AdBlue®.

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