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60 years of CEMO - An unusual success story

The success story behind CEMO began with grape vats and barrels made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). In Weinstadt, a wine region in Baden-Württemberg, Erhard Mödinger had the idea of replacing the wooden barrels, in which winegrowers and farmers stored and transported liquids, with lighter and more resistant containers made of GRP. Initially a two-man business, the company, which was then known as Chemo, soon became well-known and successful in Weinstadt and the surrounding area 

1960 – 2024


Erhard Mödinger set up a
2-man business in Weinstadt for the production of grape vats and barrels made of GRP for viticulture and agriculture


Production of the first approved heating oil tanks made of GRP


The second Chemo plant (today CEMO) for the production of heating oil tanks was built on a 42,000 sqm site in Schnelldorf (Bavaria)


Production of safety tanks for diesel storage


Foundation of the sales company for France, CHEMO S.A.R.L., in Villefranche sur Saône (today CEMO France)


Development of a diesel filling station


Development of an environmental protection programme for the storage of water-polluting substances (GRP drip trays, used battery containers, pollutant collection stations)


Market launch of the KT fuel oil tanks - the first GRP tanks manufactured from one piece go into series production


Certification in accordance with ISO 9001


Market launch of the DWT tank - the first double-walled tank made of GRP in sandwich construction


Development and production of tank systems for AdBlue®


New logistics centre at the Schnelldorf site


Change of the brand name "Chemo" to CEMO; foundation of the sales company for Great Britain, CEMO UK in Gloucester


Introduction DT-Mobil Easy


Anniversary year 1960 - 2010: 50 years of CEMO


Market launch of an innovative heat storage tank for solar thermal energy


Completion of a new production line for PE rotation parts; a production process for products made of polyethylene


Development of a new tank generation for diesel, AdBlue® and lubricants: CEMO CUBE


Development of a submersible pump for diesel and AdBlue® with a high flow rate


Expansion and modernisation of the logistics centre in Schnelldorf


Development of battery-operated mobile tank systems: CEMO Trolley, CEMO DT Mobile Easy


Development of mobile combined filling stations for diesel and AdBlue®: CEMO DT Mobile PRO COMBI

[Translate to English:] CUBE  Dieseltank 5000 L OUTDOOR


CUBE Diesel tank 5000 L OUTDOOR


Products for the storage and transportation of lithium batteries, F90 battery safety cabinets, safety bins, steel collection containers

[Translate to English:] 60 Jahre CEMO


60 years of CEMO - full-range supplier for safe storage


Introduction of the new generation of battery-powered trolleys and mobile filling stations: CEMO in the CAS alliance (Cordless Alliance System from Metabo).


The new generation CEMO CUBE Slimline 2000 - double-walled stationary tank units.



Schnelldorf plant expansion in the production area, new rotary system. TOP 100 award for particularly innovative medium-sized companies. Battery safety cabinet with overpressure and explosion protection, patented lockEX spring locking system. Sustainability commitment honoured with EcoVadis bronze medal.


The new CEMO PROline product line offers the latest generation of safety storage cabinets. GIT SECURITY AWARD 2024 for lithium-ion charging cabinet. The award recognises innovative developments in safety-relevant areas.


DT-Mobil COMBI - Refuel always and everywhere

Make yourself independent with a mobile COMBI filling station for diesel and AdBlue®.

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