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Certified storage cabinets and sump trays for the construction industry.

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Automatic nozzle A80 fastfill
Battery charging cabinet 12/20 FWF90-GS 230 V
Battery charging cabinet 12/20 FWF90-GS 400 V

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Spill pallets from CEMO

Spill pallets have become an indispensable component in the storage and transportation of water-polluting and flammable liquids. For active and passive storage, the CEMO range has spill pallets made of different materials. Depending on the number, size and contents of the containers to be stored, special requirements and regulations need to be observed.

With CEMO, you get to benefit from 60 years of experience - and spill pallets that offer you increased safety when going about your work.

Fire, flames, great heat: These risks are inherent in lithium batteries

Mobile space miracle: irrigation where access is limited

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Every working day is full of challenges. It's good to have someone there for you with high-quality products and many years of experience. The certified systems, tools and accessories from CEMO have been specially developed to meet the robust requirements of  industrial applications, construction sites, winter road maintenance and agriculture 


We provide practical and sustainable solutions to make life easier for you and your employees . In this way, we have been making work easier both outdoors and on the roads for 60 years. Find out more about our pioneering spirit - with high quality, service and durability that is known throughout the world. When should we meet up?

From corrosion-resistant snow shovels to practical boot cleaners, in our online shop you will find equipment, tools, containers and accessories that will reliably support you and your employees - step by step.

Are you looking for competent advice? We would be happy to answer your questions in person and to be there for your area of application. With CEMO, you can rely on well thought-out products that are always geared towards your needs - no matter how much work is involved.

DT-Mobil COMBI - Refuel always and everywhere

Make yourself independent with a mobile COMBI filling station for diesel and AdBlue®.

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