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Drip trays from CEMO provide for the increased

Drip trays have become an indispensable component in the storage and transportation of water-polluting and flammable liquids. For active and passive storage, the CEMO range has drip trays made of different materials. Depending on the number, size and contents of the containers to be stored, special requirements and regulations need to be observed.With CEMO, you get to benefit from 60 years of experience - and drip trays that offer you increased safety when going about your work.

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PE drip trays for chemical resistance


We manufacture PE small container and laboratory tubs with general building authority approval Z-40.22-548 and Z-40.22-549 from 100 percent recyclable polyethylene. For space-saving storage, our laboratory and small container trays can be stacked and used with or without grating.


PE pallet drip trays and PE drum drip trays have a high degree of chemical resistance. In different sizes and designs, our tray systems can be used in many different ways. For example, loaded trays can be easily and efficiently driven under with a forklift or high-lift truck. Polyethylene is extremely robust and durable, this means that trays made from PE last for years.


With matching lattice grids, our tray systems can be extended to form area protection systems of any size - with a matching drive-on ramp if required. The modular construction system allows variable use according to your needs.


Steel drip trays for flammable substances


Steel drip trays ensure the storage of water-polluting and flammable liquids. CEMO can provide you with galvanised or coated steel drip trays for up to ten drums. No matter for which application you need high-quality and safe steel drip trays, with CEMO's wide range of products you are guaranteed to find the right quality product for you. We would be pleased to advise you in person.


Steel IBC drip trays are designed for the storage of large containers such as KTC/IBC, ASF and ASP containers up to 1,000 litres. With removable gratings and 100 millimetres ground clearance, they guarantee safe transportation 


With mobile and TÜV-certified drip trays made of steel, you get to enjoy complete safety when storing hazardous substances. Hot-dip galvanized, removable grids, two swivel and fixed castors and the push bar for easy positioning guarantee both comfort and flexibility 


Whether as a warehouse or transfer station, area protection systems made of steel can be assembled on a modular basis and according to individual requirements. Each individual element is available galvanized or coated, depending on requirements, with drip volumes between 49 and 220 litres and removable grating. The matching connecting elements make assembly simple and safe. This means that surfaces of any size can be designed.


GRP drip trays for versatile use


Whether for small containers, drums or IBCs, drip trays made of glass fibre reinforced plastic are universally applicable and offer the best conditions for storing environmentally-hazardous substances. Our GRP trays impress customers thanks to their high chemical resistance and are particularly versatile in terms of usage. CEMO has the perfect drip tray for your application in all common sizes and variations.


GRP is 100 percent corrosion resistant. This means that high-quality GRP trays from CEMO can be placed directly on the floor. With their low dead weight and high durability, GRP trays prove to be extremely practical and sustainable in daily use.

Collecting trays made of GRP are characterised by their resistance to corrosion

CEMO collecting trays made of GRPCollecting trays made of GRP are characterised by their resistance to corrosion

Collecting trays made of PE are characterised by their high chemical resistance.

CEMO collecting trays made of PECollecting trays made of PE are characterised by their high chemical resistance.

Steel sumps offer safety for flammable and water-polluting substances.

CEMO collecting trays made of steelSteel sumps offer safety for flammable and water-polluting substances.

The new pallet and drum drip trays from CEMO

Separate storage and charging of lithium batteries

Perfect protection with safe storage and transportation systems from CEMO

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