Winter road maintenance

Plus3 gritting material container: A classic with new functions

They’re everywhere. CEMO gritting material containers adorn squares, roadsides and forest roads all over the place. This dependable classics with its distinctive orange lid has become an integral part of our everyday life. The whole year round, they safely protect the gritting material from wind and weather. In the winter months, they ensure that gravel, sand and grit are available on the spot - both in the town and in the countryside.

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Extremely robust and durable


Our designers have been using glass fibre reinforced plastic for years. The weatherproof and corrosion-resistant material is not affected by UV light and changing temperatures. For critical locations, such as in city centres, railway stations or on event sites, we recommend upgrading with the vandalism cover. This was specially developed to really withstand everything - even blunt force.


Inner and outer values


However, it is not only the external appearance that makes our gritting material containers so popular and useful: smooth inner surfaces allow the grit to be emptied without leaving any residue and facilitate easy cleaning. Because swift handling is the most important criterion for local authorities, our classics can be accessed from underneath and stacked during storage and retrieval. And last but not least, we have also simplified the tool-free assembly of the lid.


More functions, more benefits


With CEMO, you save valuable working time and a whole load of space. All the advantages of the Plus 3 generation of gritting material containers are listed here again at a glance:


  • Can be accessed from underneath (optional)
  • Stackable with closed lid
  • Lockable (optionally with padlock)
  • Cover removable without tools
  • With support rod for lid (400 l)
  • Lid shape very stable and resilient
  • Vandalism cover (optional)

The CEMO guarantee


With so many extras, use of 20 years or more is not uncommon. We are happy to offer you a full 10 year guarantee on all our gritting material containers.

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Be completely prepared for the winter, with professional winter road maintenance products from CEMO.

As soon as the first snow falls or freezing water becomes a danger to motorists and pedestrians, winter road maintenance is indispensable. Working in snow and ice is a particular challenge and can be made much easier with professional and practical winter road maintenance products.

This is why CEMO offers you a wide range of grit containers, gritters and shovels that are both powerful and functional, thus ensuring not only efficiency but above all the safety of people and the environment. 


Versatile products for use in snow and ice


At CEMO, you will find versatile products for professional winter road maintenance. Our gritting material containers in various sizes, for example, protect the gritting material from external influences and, thanks to vandalism lids, are resistant even under extreme conditions. The same applies to our gritters, which also have to meet high material and processing demands due to contact with aggressive substances. Whether for small or large areas - CEMO's winter road maintenance products are suitable for every application in snow and ice.

The advantages of our winter road maintenance products at a glance:

  • High level of safety due to first-class materials
  • Effortless work thanks to intelligent product design
  • Long durability of all winter road maintenance products
  • Large product selection for individual solutions


Long durability even under tough conditions


Our products for winter road maintenance are convincing even under the toughest conditions and are perfectly suited for long-term use in adverse weather conditions. High-quality materials and first-class workmanship ensure safety, stability and durability. A service life of 20 years and a guarantee period of 10 years are, for example, the common standard for our gritting material containers.

In addition, we also focus on the practical benefits and work simplification of our winter road maintenance products. That is why CEMO's grit containers, gritters and shovels will surprise you with clever little details. For example, a particularly ergonomic handle on our GRP snow shovel ensures optimum use of physical strength and fatigue-free working as a result.

Opt for CEMO's professional winter maintenance products and brave snow and ice even under tough conditions.