Irrigation systems

Versatile PE irrigation systems

Polyethylene irrigation systems offer the following benefits: PE is durable and inexpensive. This means that our irrigation systems made of PE combine quality, functionality and sustainability all in one. Choose the PE drum or PE irrigation system that fits your needs and space conditions and find out more about CEMO's quality products.

Durable and inexpensive Polyethylene drums and tanks


Whether suitcase-shaped or box-shaped PE-drum or pasture drum in green, we manufacture liquid containers and water tanks made of polyethylene in different sizes and with a variety of extras. Our PE drums are manufactured in a rotation process in one piece only. In this way, you only get optimal solutions to your irrigation requirements - along with drums and tanks that last an extremely long time.

Box-shaped PE-drum


  • 125 litres
  • 200 litres
  • 450 litres with integrated baffle
  • 600 litres with integrated baffle


Box-shaped PE pasture drum


  • 125 litres
  • 200 litres
  • 450 litres
  • 600 litres
  • Light-impermeable to prevent the formation of algae


Suitcase-shaped PE-drum


  • 600 litres
  • 1000 litres
  • 2000 litres
  • Available in all sizes, with and without baffle

For flexible use BWS 130-PE mobile irrigation system


Equipped with runners, support device, HONDA motor pump, hose reel, 3-way stopcock system, pressure relief valve and fastening straps, the BWS 130-PE is suitable for all mobile irrigation requirements. The closed circuit with a safety suction valve allows the mixing of fertilizers and spraying agents. The motor pump delivers 130 l/min and the optional baffles provide reliable support when working with fast-moving vehicles - wherever a lot of water and fertiliser needs to be applied.

Sizes and variants

600 litres

1000 litres

2000 litres

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For smaller areas of greenery BWS 25-PRO PE mobile irrigation system


Our BWS 25-PRO PE mobile irrigation system can support you with its compact design, low dead weight and a powerful pump that switches off when not in use. Available in two sizes and with an integrated baffle wall, our space-saving all-rounder is suitable for plant beds and parks with narrow driveways, cemeteries and winding alleys.

Sizes and variants

450 litres with integrated baffle

600 litres with integrated baffle

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Separate the storage and charging of lithium batteries

Perfect protection with safe storage and transportation systems from CEMO.

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DT-Mobil COMBI - Refuel always and everywhere

Make yourself independent with a mobile COMBI filling station for diesel and AdBlue®.

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Mobile irrigation systems are suitable for the professional irrigation of larger areas and parks.

Medium sizes are used in gardening and landscaping as well for cleaning buildings. All units are completely assembled with motor pumps and swivel hose reels. GRP barrels involve irrigation systems with capacities of up to 6,000 litres.