CEMO Weinstadt

Management, sales, development, marketing
CEMO was founded in 1960 in Weinstadt. The small Swabian workshop developed into one of Germany’s leading companies dealing with the processing of fibre-reinforced plastics in just a few years. This rapid development was based on its innovation in product development and reliability in its relationships with its business partners.

CEMO Schnelldorf

Production, logistics
The Schnelldorf production site has been using state-of-the-art production technologies to manufacture high-quality GRP products since 1970. Due to its infrastructurally convenient location, the Schnelldorf plant also serves as CEMO’s logistics centre.

CEMO France (

Chemowerk S.A.R.L. was opened in 1982 in Villefranche, France, as a distribution company serving the French market.


2008: Establishment of the sales company for Great Britain CEMO UK.


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